28 Dec 2012

Life will be an anonymous fight few will respect or even be able to see. There will be times when other people look at you like you’re worthless, like you’ve turned your back on everything important when in fact you’ve done exactly the opposite. What you value will be mocked to your face. You will not be understood and you will not even care to be understood.

There will be problems you can never solve. You may find there are not even problems. Nights and years will pass (and nights and years will pass) and you will live your life in closed rooms and you will find that you did so by choice, and you will weep for nights not spent under the stars and the very elements you once went inside to escape. Now you escape from people. You will avoid new contacts except through necessity and keep a distance between yourself and others, and all in the name of the most holy – something you will question always.

And little by little the human touch will evaporate from your veins, and though your voice will grow stronger, and louder, no one you care about will be around to listen because you will have left them all behind. And the whole time you’ll be in the room, in rooms across the country maybe, perhaps the world, but rooms all the same, crafting and sharpening your own personal sense of beauty. So that what? So the few people who care enough will do the same. Because remarkable lives are no longer lived in public. Humanity is not something we can proudly take part in, and though it seems to have failed… who knows? There might be a chance that some time in the future the seeds of belief will find the right people to grow in, and righteousness will return to the earth in the bodies of human beings as we know them.

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